Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Galaxy Note 6 will come with 5.8 inch display and 6 GB Ram

Even though Galaxy S7 will be introduced in this month, we have to wait till September to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, but that does not mean that rumors will stop. Weibo user posted some information about Note 6.

According to the rumor, Note 6 will use 5.8 inch “Slim RGB Amoled”. Post says that since the screen is “too thin,” Samsung can use a bigger battery. The sad thing is that rumor says Note 6 will have 1,024 pressure points  to detect the S-Pen. It is a disappointment since Note 5 and even Note 4 uses 2,048 points.

Moreover, Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will come with 6 GB of Ram. Even though Samsung stated to produce 12 GB LPDDR4 memory last year, still 6 GB of Ram is really good, especially for a phone.

In the matter of camera, we do not have a lot of information from the rumor, but post says that Note 6 will use 12 megapixel rear camera with OIS.

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