Microsoft HoloLens

HoloLens Developer Kit costs $3.000 and will be shipped on March 30

Microsoft surprised us last year by introducing HoloLens. The difference between HoloLens and other VR products is that HoloLens is not a Virtual Realty ( VR ) device. It is an Augmented Reality ( AR ). It means you will not be separated from the real world by using this device. Instead, you will be able to do the tasks by looking at the real world.

Microsoft opened the preorder for HoloLens Developer Kit today. It will be shipped on March 30, and it is in preorder. The price tag is just $3.000. Compering to the VR products, its price is really high. The most example known VR is the HTC Vive VR with the  price tag of $800. I know it is not a VR product, and does not a need to be connected to computers in order to work, but still $3.000 is high. However, if you are interested in, you can preorder today.

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