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Raspberry Pi 3 comes with Wifi and Bluetooth support just for $35

It has been almost 4 years from the first Raspberry Pi, and from that day, Raspberry is improving its Pi series. Now, we have the new improved Pi 3 with the same price tag.

Raspberry Pi 3 is the most powerful one in the Pi series, but that does not mean it is more expensive. It comes with the same price of $35. However, one of the best feature that was added to Pi 3 is the Wifi and Bluetooth support which not only makes the use of device easier, but also allows user to use Pi 3 as an Internet of Things since Pi 3 can now collect data from the devices wirelessly, without needing a wired connection. Moreover, it is more powerful. It comes with 1.2GHZ quad-core 64-bit Cortex A-53. However, there is no change in the ram. Still, it has a  1 GB of ram.


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