Android Apps will look like the iOS apps in the future

Google released the Android N Developer Preview early for the developers to improve their apps, and now Google introduced new design rules that will change the way that Android Apps will look like.

The standard material design apps have either the navigation bar on the top or in the hamburger menu. Meanwhile, the navigation bar in iOS apps is in the bottom part of the screen.

screen322x572 unnamed-5

( As you can see, the navigation bar is on the bottom of the screen on iOS, while is on the top on Android )

The new design rule suggest you to add the navigation bar to the bottom, but still the famous hamburger menu will be used. Even though you can see the navigation bar at the bottom in few Android app, it looks like more Android apps will actually look like the iOS apps in the future.

components_bottomnavigation_style5 components_bottomnavigation_usage5

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