Samsung Galaxy S7

Different S7/S7 Edge units are using different camera sensors

Samsung just cannot release one model with one processor and camera sensor. Even though we were seeing two processors for Galaxy series for a long time, it was the first time that we have seen different camera sensors on S6.

First, there are two variants for S7: one with SnapDragon 820 and one with Exynos 8890. Second, there are two different camera sensors used in different S7 units.Like the S6, some of the S7/S7 Edge’s are using Samsung ISOCELL sensor, while the other units have Sony image sensor. Even though there are no technical differences between each sensor, Samsung should have used only one sensor. I guess it is the time for Samsung to decide whether are they going to use their own technologies including Exynos processors and ISOCELL camera sensors or are they going to include processors from Snapdragon, and camera sensors from Sony.

Sources ( turkish )

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