It Is Confirmed: Huawei P9 Will Not Be Released On March 9

Huawei P9 is not a secret since its renders and photos have appeared online. One of these photos suggested that we would see Huawei’s next flagship phone on March 9, but it is not correct.

Huawei confirmed that they will not announce P9 in the indicated date, and we will not see P9 soon. Here comes the disappointing part: it will not use Kirin 650 or 6GB of RAM as mentioned earlier.

There will be four versions. Max version will have Kirin 655, 4GB RAM, 6.2 inch 2K Display and huge 4.000 mAh battery. The regular P9 will use relatively smaller 5.2. inch Full HD display, 3 GB RAM, and even smaller battery with the size of 3.600 mAh. The rumor says that the other two versions will probably be named as P9 Pro and P9 Lite, but we do not have any information about these two phones.


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