PS4 3.50 Update Comes With Do Not Disturb Mode & Remote Play To PC / Mac

While Microsoft is updating its Xbox monthly, Sony is slower. However, they will release a new update with the new features soon.

3.50 update is available as a beta, but you have to wait a little more for the official release. Anyway, there are few cool features that is coming with 3.50 update. The features are;

Friend Online Notification

You will be notified when your friend is online.

Do Not Disturb Mod

I think it was one of the most needed features, at least for me. I am getting notification each second which disturbs me while I am playing a game. Now, you can active “Do Not Disturb Mod” from the quick menu.

Remote Play 

You could stream your PS4 to your PS Vita, and now you can do the same thing to either a PC or a Mac.


It is one of the new apps that will be added to the PS4.


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