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PS4 – Long Term Review


PS4 – Long Term Review

Sony PlayStation 3 was my first console, and I loved it. I have used PS3 for almost 4 or even 5 years. I was amazed how stable PS3 was. Even though it sucked at internet and PlayStation Store, it could handle every game without any lag. That is when I have become a Sony PlayStation Fan until now. When Sony introduced the PS4, I even liked it more than my lovely PS3. It looked amazing and there were so many cool features such as the touchpad on the DualShock 4. So, I decided to upgrade my console. When it came to my country, I immediately bought it. Unboxing the pS4 was one of my favorite times in my life.  When I plug the console, there was this new Ui. I was holding the new DualShock. That day was my best day. I have bought the PS4 with KillZone. When I inserted the disk, it opened the game with a very fast speed. And, there was the KillZone. Its graphics are such a beauty. Again, I was feel amazing. I was playing my new games for hours until 2014 summer. It was a normal summer day. I would play my PS4 at morning, but when I pressed the power button, it did not open. I felt terrible. Then, I grabbed my laptop and made a quick research. Later, I just went to the Sony Service. They have said that they are not able to fix the PS4, but for which they gave a new PS4. I had no problem with that. Actually, I was happy to have a new one. In 2014, I had no other problems with PlayStation as well. But, 2015 was the year that I started to hate my console, and I was no longer a Playstation Fan. For example, there were small problem on my DualShock, but as long as it was working properly, I had no problems. Don’t get me wrong, DualShock 4 is one of the things that I love about PS4, but the problem is about PS4 itself. Last year, there were lags and FPS drops ( still happening ). Even though I think FPS problems are connected to the game developers, still there were lags on the home screen. Consoles supposed to be stabile, but it was not, at least mine was not. But again, I actually did not care, because I had no problems in the games. Then, you can ask “what is your problem with PS4”. The answer is the internet. PS4 comes with terrible internet antennas. You can say that my internet is bad, but it is not. For example, I can watch 4K movies on my MacBook Pro without any lags in the same room with PS4. On the other hand, I am having so much problems with the internet on my PS4. For instant, when I am trying to talk with my friend, I usually ( or always ) getting an error message about the NAS  connection. In other words, I cannot even properly talk on my PS4.

These problems may be just for my console, but I know that they are not. You can find hundreds of people having the same issues. I think Sony can solve these issues with updates, but they are not even giving any updates for a while. If you own a PlayStation 4, then answer this. When was the last time that you got an update. PS4 is Sony’s flagship console, and they should care about it. I am using PS4 from its first day, and in the past, I went to the Sony services for so many problems. I or you can always bring your console to the Sony Service, but it is a console. It supposed to be stable and fast.

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan


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