If you see blank emails dated 1970 on your iPhone, it is because of this bug

Apple needed to work on the bug in the recent months which bricked your iPhone when you change the date to 1970, and now there is one more bug about 1970.

This bug causes you to receive emails, but there is not sender, subject or content in the email. The interesting thing is the date of these emails seems like 1970. And now comes the annoying part, you cannot delete them. Even though the bug is annoying, still it is not harmful or it will not brick your iPhone.

Moreover, the cause of the bug has found by one of the Reddit users who explained the bug by saying,

” The way it works is that the date is stored as a continuously increasing collection of over a billion seconds   (ignores timezone conversions, easy for computers to handle in binary). This is typically called Unix time or Epoch time. For example, the current time right now (in this format) is about 1.45 billion. Like I said, it’s easy for a computer to handle this number to store the date in binary, especially on a 64-bit device. Well, if it’s 1.45 billion right now, what’s 0? The answer is January 1st, 1970, at midnight. ”

And here comes the good part: you can solve the issue by only closing the mail app and resetting the device.


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