HTC 10 Leak

Since BoomSound Is Not A Speaker, Rumor Says “HTC 10 Will Come With It”

HTC used two big speaker on the front of the M series in the past. HTC said that they had used speakers called “BoomSound”, but BoomSound may not be a speaker at all.

As you can see in the photo, the leaked HTC 10 screenshot shows BoomSound in the settings, but we know that HTC 10 does not have the front speakers that were used on M7,M8 and M9. And, the reason is that BoomSound is not a speaker; It is an EQ. This means it is not something that is actually a hardware. It is something that is virtual.



This means a lot, because it was believed that the speaker technology on the M series were BoomSound, but now we learnt it defines no hardware aspect of the phone.

Even though it means seeing the BoomSound speakers on HTC 10, still it created a disappointment.


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