Spigen iPhone SE cover confirms the design similar with 5S

We all know that Apple will release a new 4 inch iPhone named as either 5SE or SE. In the past, there were different renders. While some of them showed iPhone 6ish design, the other renders were almost identical with the iPhone 5S. And now, the new cases for 5SE or SE confirms the design.

It is a case made by Spigen for iPhone 5 and 5S, but the interesting thing is that it also says the case is compatible with iPhone 5SE. From the situation, you can understand that iPhone 5SE will be a new iPhone 5S with better hardware.

If you ask my opinion, I would prefer Apple to release the small version of iPhone 6. I am not saying iPhone 5S’ design was bad, but 5S was released few years ago. Also, its name could be iPhone SE rather than “5SE” .



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