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Witcher 3 – Review

Witcher 3 ( Witcher 4 )

Witcher 3 – Review

As a RPG fan, I was so excited when Witcher 3 was released, and I could not wait to play it.Thanks to my friend, I played it soon enough and I have finished the game like 1 week ago and I wanted to review Witcher 3.

Witcher 3 is an open-world action RPG game which was released by CD Projekt Red in 19/05/2015.The game’s story is based on a witcher named Gerald who searches his student. The story may seem simple but this game includes TONS of side missions and with those missions, the story becomes so deep and mysterious.I don’t want to talk about the characters and story that much because I know that you guys don’t like spoilers.



The game has 4 difficulty levels which are “Just the story!”, “Story and sword!”, “Blood and broken bones!” and “Death march!”.Difficulty level rises through the “Death march!” and I must say that it is REALLY hard. You cannot meditate when you play on “Blood and broken bones!” and “Death March!”

Exploring through the wilds in Witcher 3 gives you so many items such as Witcher Gears and cool stuff. The Witcher uses its open-world like a boss.And while cycling through the open-world, a lot of side quests await you and those side quests give you rewards which are quiet helpful.You can attack bandit camps,monster nests,gigantic griffins etc…or they might attack you.Try to keep your level as high as possible and your gear as new as possible.

There are two systems which MUST be used for improving the gaming experience. One is crafting. You can craft weapons and armors with the help of blacksmiths and armorers once you find the correct components.The other one is the alchemy. You can craft potions, bombs, oils via alchemy (oils are used for improving your gear for a limited time).Trust me,those are really helpful.You have to find manuscripts and diagrams for creating new things.


Damn son! That combat system is too damn good. You can perform ALL of the real life combat elements in Witcher 3. Parrying, dodging, disarming etc. Don’t think witcher like “I will be a Mage.” or “I will be a rouge.” You are a witcher named Gerald and he uses one steel sword for humans and one silver sword for monsters. You can find good swords in missions and in open-world.

And then, there is a magic.There are 6 magic signs that is used for different purposes.”Hard” is a telekinetic blast.”Quen” is a magical shield.”Igni” is a fire blast.”Yrden” is a magical trap and “Axii” is mind controlling.

You can upgrade all of the abilities that Geralt has.You can upgrade magic signs,close combat,archery,health etc.


The only part that Witcher 3 is not good enough. I am not talking about teleporting while fighting. It’s just the fact that you can climb a mountain by rolling. And there are several bugs. But don’t worry.You won’t know a thing if you don’t try to climb a mountain.



Witcher 3 might be one of the BEST GAMES you can ever play.


PROS – Good combat. Nice systems. Perfect story. Wide open-world. Brillinat atmosphere.

CONS – Poor physics. Several bugs.


Edward Hood

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