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Assassin’s Creed Unity – Long Term Review

Assassin's Creed Unity

Assassin’s Creed Unity – Long Term Review

It’s been like 2 years since the AC Unity has been released. Fans of AC (like me) waited for this game like forever but when Ubisoft released the Unity, it was FREAKING awful. It was just awful. This review is for the fans who ask “I haven’t bought Unity, but after two years, did Ubisoft update or fix the game?”

Let’s talk about the Unity when it was first released. The game passes when the French Revolution happened. Our assasin is named Arno Dorian. The trailers were magnificent but the game…nah. I will examine the topics like “physics” or “gameplay” but now let’s talk about the general things. Ubisoft tried to add tons of new things to the AC but they F***ING SUCKED. The ideas are nice but they still suck.



OMFG, they are awful. They are just AWFUL! Usually citizens teleport in front of you. When you are jumping to a pillar, you can teleport to another thing, if you are using the c-stick . You can jump on a citizen who sits on a chair and you can stay there etc. The worst thing about the physics is the parkour system. They wanted to make parkour more intense but it JUST F***ING SUCKED. When you want to go straight, the game wants you to press o button (on ps). However, when you press o button while running on top of something, you MIGHT go straight or you MIGHT down. Everything about physics is bad.


It makes me want to cry when I fight. It lags when you fight and when you make a finishing move, the weapons doesn’t even touch the enemy but he dies anyway. There are 3 meele weapons, rifles and pistols.


It is kinda strange. You don’t buy your equipment from a store. You buy them from customizing screen and everyting is sold apart. It is kinda confusing and bad for perfectionists because it is hard to make a set. You can buy something like skills.qa1y6zvrsxs3veen1hku


It is the worst game in the entire AC universe. Everything about the game is bad but the Ubisoft DOES NOT GIVE A DAMN F*** for the game. The updates doesn’t fix anything.

PROS – Story is good.

CONS – Physics, combat, shopping, missions, co-op missions, so many glitches, so many bugs, lags a lot.


Edward Hood

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