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Driveclub – Long Term Review


Driveclub – Long Term Review

Driveclub was supposed to be one of the first PS4 games, but it was delayed over and over again. From the official introduction date, 8 October 2014, I am playing the Driveclub, and here are my thoughts about the game after more than one year.

Let’s start with the question: “what is Driveclub?”. It is a racing game by Evolution studios that is only available on Playstation 4. Even though it was announced back in 20 February 2013, Evolution studios could release the game on 8 October 2014.

I will be honest. I loved the Driveclub when I first played the game, but right now I describe the game as disappointment.



Driveclub looks stunning. Kill zone and Driveclub are the games which proved us Playstation 4 was the next generation. Even though the sunny weather looks good, the cars under the rain look so beautiful. Graphic is the main point why I love the Driveclub. Just look at those graphics.




If you have played the Grand Turismo, then do not expect the same ultra realistic physics in Driveclub. However, that does not mean, it has bad physics. If you are not a professional at driving games, but also want the game to feel kinda realistic, then this is a perfect game. I guess the physics are alright for a lot of people.




I pre-ordered the Driveclub in 2014, and playing the game since then. The cars are detailed, but the car list is too limited. Okay, right now, there are more cars ( after releasing hundreds of DLCs as if they are EA ), but still it is not enough. Oh, did I mention, you can use little percent of these cars as most of them are parts of different DLCs. Even though there is a season pass, not every package is free even if you have the season pass.


Evolution Studios 

I wanted to talk about this stupid studio as being the driveclub player from 2014. First, they have delayed the game for several times, but finally they could release the game on October of 2014. However, when users got the game ( including me ), we have realized that the features that were promised were missing such as the rain. Why the hell did the game lack the features that were promised? However, as with the new updates, they have added these features. Again, I was okay with the game. However, I was not okay with DLCs. Normally, there would be a season pass which includes ALL OF THE DLCs. Yes, Evolution Studies, ALL of the DLCs, but the season pass for Driveclub does not cover all the DLCs. Literally, season pass cannot get all DLCs for free. Why the hell, they have done such a stupid thing. Even EA is better in this subject. I will be honest, I am so happy that Evolution Studies was closed. They were disloyal and mean to the people who gave money to them.



If you can tolerate to all of the ridicules Evolution Studio things, then it is a good game. It has good graphics and physics, but there are a lot of DLCs. And no, buying Season Pass is not enough to have all DLCs.

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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