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LG G5 – Review


LG G5 – Review

LG G series except the G1 was interesting. Even though they had flagship-like features, they were cheaper than Samsung’s Galaxy S or iPhone. This year, however, LG did not try to make a cheaper phone. They have tried to make a flagship phone with ultimate features, but this attempt was not successful.



As you can see it is different than other LG series, because it is…ımm…metal. I mean plastic. Well, it is technically metal, but LG covered the metal body with plastic. That is so ridiculous.

Anyway, the most interesting part of the design is the bottom part of the phone. You can remove the bottom frame, and get access to the battery. You can either change the battery or use the supported accessories called “LG Friends”. These “friends” work when you connect these items to the phone by the bottom part. There are some interesting accessories such as Bang&Olufsen speaker ( which is my favorite ) or a kit that makes taking photos easier.

Let’s actually start to talk about the design. It is not a design that can compete with Galaxy S7. Last year, G4 was not a competitor of S6 because it lacked the metal body and SnapDragon 810, but since it was not as expensive as S6, LG was kinda successful with G4. However, this year, LG G5 is as expensive as S7 ( there is a slight price difference, but that is not a big deal ), but it is not even completely metal. Moreover, when I hold the phone, it does not give me the good feeling that I can take by holding a real metal phone.


      LG G5Cam PlusLG G5 #3LG G5 Friends #2


I always think that LG was producing garbage. If you are a LG fan, I am sorry but just read this paragraph. When media including me got their LG G5s, there were definitely manufacturing defects on the phone. If you watch the G5 reviews on youtube, then you will see that a lot of people received a phone with manufacturing defects. LG, I am talking to you. If you want to compete with any flagship phone, it is not acceptable. It is not a cheap phone anymore. Anyway, while there are scratches on the back of the phone, the bottom part is skewed.


When you get a flagship phone, you would expect this phone to be really fast. Even though LG G5 comes with 4GB of RAM and SnapDragon 820, do not expect to see the performance that you can get on S7 ( either SD820 version or Exynos 8890 ). I guess the problem is its ui. The only think that I can say is that LG should work on the User Interface. While other flagship phones has a modern interfaces, it looks cheap and childish. Moreover, I blame the ui for this performance issue. For example, TouchWiz was always laggy until the S6 and S7. Right now, it is so smooth. I would be happy if LG was also working on its UI.


This is not a flagship phone. This is not a phone that deserves its price tag. First, it does not even have a real metal body. Second, there are hardware mistakes in a lot of units. Third, it is not even as fast as other sD820 phones. As a result, LG failed to make a flagship phone.


  • SnapDragon 820
  • Good camera ( but still it is not as good as its competitors )
  • The idea of LG Friends


  • Cheap feeling since it is mostly plastic
  • Quality issues
  • Bad UI
  • High price
Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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