Meizu Pro 6 Mini

These phones might be Meizu Pro 6 Mini and M3 Note

We know that Meizu will introduce M3 Note on April 6, and there were few leaks and rumors about it, but there was no clear information about Pro 6 Mini expect the fact that it will be released in this year. However, these phones in this leaked picture are rumored to be M3 Note and Pro 6 Mini.

You can say that the phone on the right is Pro 6 Mini because of the chassis and size, but it is Meizu’s mid-range phone M3 Note. Unlike the previous M series, Meizu M3 Note has a metal body and looks like Pro 5. On the other hand, Meizu Pro 6 Mini looks so cheap and low quality, but it can be entitled as the Pro 6 Mini because of the redesigned antennas that will be also used in the regular Meizu Pro 6.

However, these phones might be just a joke. It is April 1, so you might expect fake information about big companies. That is why I hate April 1.

Meizu Pro 6 Mini


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