BlackBerry Rome

Say hello to the BlackBerry Hamburg and Rome

It is a not secret that BlackBerry will introduce few phones running Android this year. However, the latest leak gives us specs and even pictures about upcoming BlackBerry Hamburg and Rome

Blackberry Hamburg

To start with, do not expect high-end features with BlackBerry Hamburg as it is planned to be a mid-range phone with a price tag of $400. With the Hamburg, you can say goodbye to the physical BlackBerry keyboard. In the matter of specs, we do not know a lot of things. Actually, we only know its size ( 78mm x 146mm ), and the fact that it will not pack keyboard.
BlackBerry Hamburg BlackBerry Hamburg

BlackBerry Rome

It will be the flagship phone of BlackBerry. As you can see, it has a Priv-like design. However, the keyboard is under the screen, and it is always there, so you cannot hide the keyboard as you can with the Priv. Like the BB Hamburg, we have no information about its specs.

BlackBerry Rome


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