Tesla Model 3

Here is the Tesla Model 3

Tesla has two cars: Model S and Model X, but they are not in the price range that everybody can afford. That is why they have introduced the cheaper Model 3. It costs $35.000. Even though still it is not completely cheap for everyone, it is nearly $30.000 cheaper than the base Model S which starts from $62.000.

It looks like Tesla shrunk the Model X. Personally, I love the Model S, but I cannot say I appreciated the Model X’s design. In this case, Tesla Model 3’s┬ádesign is okay, at least for me.

Anyway, it has a range of 215 miles and supports fast charging. Tesla says it can speed up to 60 mph under 6 seconds, but they do not say the exact number. Moreover, it has the autopilot feature that you can also find on Tesla Model S.

Its base model costs $35.000 and will be available next year.

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