Android N Nougat Platform

Android N is completely here, but without a name

Google announced the developer version of Android N few weeks ago, but that was for developers to develop an app.

First of all, it does not have a name so Google asks users to find a name. Just go ahead to Google’s Android N page, and give it a name.


Android N comes with Vulkan and new Runtime. While Vulkan is aimed to improve the graphic speed performance, the new Android Runtime fastens the overall speed.


Android N comes with a variety of new security features. First, it has a file-based encryption.  Second, the seamless update allows you to keep your phone running the latest version of Android. When there is a new update, the update file will be downloaded automatically, and when you reboot your device, the update will be completed.

New Features

  • Android N comes with “clear all” button in the multitasking menu.

Android N

  • You can switch between different apps by double pressing on the multitasking button.
  • you can directly reply to the notifications within the notification panel.
  • When you long click on the notification, you can change its settings.
  • Android N is the first operating system to support Unicode 9 emojis.


Now, Android N is in the beta version which means you can even download it to your main device. If you a have supported Nexus device, you can go ahead and try Android.

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