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Apple MacBook – Review

Apple MacBook

Apple MacBook – Review

Last year’s Apple MacBook was a gorgeous device. It was amazingly fast. However, its thin design was the reason why there were only two ports ( USB Type-C and 3.5mm headphone jack ). Also, it was the reason why it only came with Core M. This year, Apple updated the MacBook. Still, it comes with only one USB Type-C port, and still it uses Core M. However, this year’s model is aimed to be more powerful.


2016 Apple MacBook’s design is same with the last year’s model. The only difference is that now there is a rose gold color option, although you can still get the MacBook in classic silver, gold or space gray. In terms of design, it looks great and it looks like it came from the future. Even though you can get thinner computers like the latest HP Spectre 13, Apple MacBook has a different place. The only thing that I do not like about the MacBook’s design is the Apple Logo. To be honest, I prefer the illuminated Apple Logo, but still it looks awesome.


Score ( Design ) – 9 out of 10

Pros – It is so slim

Cons – Well, the design is the reason why there is only one USB port.


Apple devices have gorgeous displays. 2016 MacBook has a 12-inch Retina display with a resolution of  2304 x 1440. The resolution is really good, and there is nothing bad to say about the display. However, if you are using your computer in outdoor, then reflection can be a problem, but since MacBook has a high level of brightness, that wouldn’t be a problem.


Score ( Screen ) – 9.5 out of 10

Pros – Its screen is just amazing. Great resolution and colors.

Cons – Reflections, reflections, and reflections.


Let me tell you a personal story. Last year, I have bought a new computer, and my options were 2015 MacBook and 2015 MacBook Pro. The bad performance of the MacBook was the reason why I chose MacBook Pro over the MacBook. Normal MacBook was even struggling when there were several tabs open in Chrome or Safari. That was not okay for a computer that starts from$1300. This year, Apple tried to solve the issue. Don’t get me wrong. Still, Core M is your only option, but this year’s Core M processor is faster than the previous model. In my test, that was true. There is no lag in Chrome, anymore. I mean still it will lag when you open plenty of tabs, but it is clearly better than the 2015 model. To sum up, its performance is decent if you only use your computer to browse the web or to write documents. However, if you are using professional apps like photoshop, then buy the MacBook Pro.

Score ( Performance ) – 6.5 out of 10

Pros – Its performance is better than last year’s model.

Cons – Still, you shouldn’t expect too much.


When it comes to the battery life, Apple computers are just great. For example, you can get 13 hours of battery life on MacBook Air, and about 10 hours on the Pro model. However, last year’s MacBook only had a battery life of 9 hours. This year, Apple improved the battery life and increased the battery life to 10 hours. Well, you can believe to Apple. You will get around 10 hours, and something you will even be impressed by its battery life.

Score ( Battery ) – 9 out of 10

Pros – 10 hours of battery life is just great.

Cons – Nothing bad to say.


If you are not a person who uses pro apps, then this is an amazing computer. It is so light and thin. When you are holding the latest MacBook, it is not like holding a computer but an iPad. That is the point that separates MacBook from other computers. It is also a pro and con. The great design is a pro while having only one port is a con. Also, its keyboard is not very comfortable for everybody. As a result, if you usually carry your computer with you, and if you are only using a browser and word, then you will love the 2016 MacBook.

Pros – It is just so thin and light. Great Display.

Cons – Its performance is meh. Only one port. Its keyboard is not for everyone.


Design – 9

Screen – 9.5

Performance – 6.5

Battery – 9

Overall  – 8.5

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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