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BrightTitan Cast 12: Google I/O 2016

Google I/O 2016

BrightTitan Cast 12: Google I/O 2016

Google I/O 2016

Google held its I/O 2016 event this week and here are the all products that were introduced in the event.


Google Assistant

Google just launched “Google Assitant” which will try to beat Siri and Alexa.

You can say that it is the next version of Google Now. Yes, it is but better. Still, you open it by saying “Okay, Google”, but now it will understand you better. Also, now it does not sound robotic.

The other change is the way that you communicate with it. For example, you can ask “Google” to show you the latest movies to watch. However, if you add that you would also bring your kids, Google Assistant will show the kid movies. From that screen, you can even buy a ticket or ask for its review. As you can see, now it is more than just asking simple questions. Now, it is a real assistant.


Google Home

Google  announced Google Assistant which is a really complicated real time assistant that helps you.  Even though you can access to Google assistant from your Android Devices, Google just introduced a physical device named “Google Home”.

It is Google’s answer to Alexa. It is a small white device. You can easily change the design of its base using different ones. When you snap up the main part of the Google Home, you can pull out the base and put another base with a different color and design.

It also supports third-party apps similarly to Alexa which means you can control your home using Google Home.



Google DUO

As a part of Google I/O, Google introduced a video messaging app named DUO.

Like the Ello, it is also one-to-one encrypted. The interesting feature of the app is the live stream of the function. It is a feature that shows the caller in a live stream. In other words, if your friend calls you, you will see him or her before answering the call. This feature is called as “Knock. Knock”.

Google Duo will be available in this summer on Android and iOS along with Allo.


Android N

Google announced the developer version of Android N few weeks ago, but that was for developers to develop an app.

First of all, it does not have a name so Google asks users to find a name. Just go ahead to Google’s Android N page, and give it a name.

  • Performance – Android N comes with Vulkan and new Runtime. While Vulkan is aimed to improve the graphic speed performance, the new Android Runtime fastens the overall speed.
  • Security – Android N comes with a variety of new security features. First, it has a file-based encryption.  Second, the seamless update allows you to keep your phone running the latest version of Android. When there is a new update, the update file will be downloaded automatically, and when you reboot your device, the update will be completed.
  • New Features
  1. Android N comes with “clear all” button in the multitasking menu.
  2. You can switch between different apps by double pressing on the multitasking button


Google DayDream

VR is coming to Android so Google announced a new service called “DayDream” which will come this fall.

  • VR Ready Phones – First of all, you will see “DayDream Ready” phones in the future which are the phones that are capable of creating a great VR experience. This means high-end powerful phones with a lot of sensors.
  • VR Controller – In order to give you the best experience, Google announced a new controller. The remote controller is small as well as simple. It only has one button, but the magic lies in its motion sensor.

Android Daydream

  • VR Mode – With the Android N, there is a specific UI for VR headsets. It is like the metro screen of Windows. Also, like theSamsungg Gear VR, Daydream will allow you to download games and apps within the VR Mode.

Nokia is back, sort of

As smartphones started to replace our old phones ( dumb, in other words ), big companies fell down including BlackBerry and Nokia. However, they still chose to do phones, but either with their own OS or with Windows OS. However, they did not use the Android when they needed to do. After years of failure, they understood that best way for them is to use Android. Blackberry is now using Android on its phones while Nokia was working on Android devices. However, we will see Nokia devices running Android in future.

Microsoft just sold Nokia to HMD Global, a newly create company, and to FIH Mobile. As a result, HMD Global gained the license to produce and sells devices with a Nokia name. In this case, HMD Global is partnered with FIH Mobile, Foxconn’s subsidiary company. This means we will see Android device with Nokia Logo on them produced by FIH Mobile under the leadership of HMD Global.

These Android devices would be phones and tablets. Right now, there is no clear information about whether these devices are going to be high-end or mid-range. However, Nokia N1 will be produced after this agreement.

Moto X is dead; Moto Z is here

For the last few years, Motorola only had two series: Moto X and Moto G. While Moto G was the low-range phone, Moto X was company’s flagship phone, although it was not a high-end phone like Samsung Galaxy S or Note.

This week, Evan Blass shared a new post indicating that Moto X will be replaced by Moto Z. By the way, Sony just replaced Z series by X series. Well, that is a coincidence.

Anyway, do you remember the latest leaks of Moto “X” phones. We will see these phones but they will be named as Moto Z.

Moto X

Lenovo just introduced Moto G4, G4 Plus and G4 Play

This week, in an event held in New Delhi, India, Lenovo ( you know that they bought Motorola ) just launched three Moto G phones. I must mention that this event was all about Moto G, so we didn’t see any Moto X. However, there was a surprise for us.

Moto G Family

Moto G4

It is the regular model, not the most powerful or least powerful one. Moto G4 has a 5.5-inch Full HD screen which is bigger than the previous generation. As you would expect from a mid-range phone, it comes with SnapDragon 617 ( which, by the way, has an octa core processor with a speed of 1.5 GHz ). There are two options for the storage. You can either get 16GB or 32GB. The good thing is RAM stays same. The bad thing is RAM is only 2GB. Anyway, you will find a 13MP back camera and 5MP front one on the Moto G4 which is not very good.

There are two options for the storage. You can either get 16GB or 32GB. The good thing is RAM stays same. The bad thing is RAM is only 2GB. Anyway, you will find a 13MP back camera and 5MP front one on the Moto G4 which is not very good.

The interesting thing about the phone is the quick charge. The phone ( which has a 3000 mAh battery ) supports Quick charge but the quick charger only comes with the Plus model.

Moto G4 Plus

Moto G4 Plus is still a mid-range phone but is relatively more powerful than Moto G4 and G4 Play. To start with, most of the features are similar to the regular one. For example, like the Moto G4, the plus model also has a 5.5-inch Full HD display, has a 3.000 mAh battery, and is powered by the same SnapDragon processor ( SD617 ). The most obvious difference is the fingerprint sensor. It is the first time that we have seen a physical button on a Moto phone. This little square button can be used as a traditional home button as well as a fingerprint sensor. Anyway, the second difference is the RAM. You will get 2GB RAM for 16GB storage, 3GB RAM for 32GB and 4GB RAM for 64GB. The last difference is the camera. G4 Plus has a 16MP rear camera with a laser autofocus and an aperture of f/2.0. In the matter of front camera, you will see the same 5MP front camera on the G4 Plus.

Moto G4 Play

Here comes the surprise. Motorola also introduced a phone named G Play. Moto G Play is the cheapest version with crippled features. It has a smaller display ( 5-inch ) with a resolution of 720p. However, the screen is not the only crippled feature. It is powered by SnapDragon 410 with 2GB of RAM. In the matter of camera, you will only see 8MP rear camera and 5MP front camera.

Sony Introduced Xperia XA Ultra

As Sony removed the M,C and Z series, it was expected from them to introduce a new X series phone.

Sony introduced Xperia XA Ultra which is basically a big ( sorry, huge ) version of the XA. It has a 6.0-inch Full HD Display. As it has a huge display and alright screen resolution, the PPI rate is only 367. Anyway, it is a mid-range phone so that it is powered by Media Tek Helio P1o and 3GB of RAM.

Sony Xperia XA Ultra

The phone comes with 21.5MP rear camera and 16MP front camera. Its front camera is really strong as it has a flash and even OIS ( which is, by the way, new for a mid-range phone ).

Xperia XA Ultra supports fast charging which means you can use your phone for 5.5 hours with only 10 minutes of charging.

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