LG G5 Friends

You can now buy LG Friends accessories in US

LG G5 does not have a better screen or better camera than Samsung Galaxy S7 and HTC 10. That is why these are not the points that are advertised by LG. The modular feature of the LG G5 is the feature that LG is confident of.

LG Friends accessories are now available to purchase in the United States. You can either buy these accessories from the popular carriers or from LG itself.

LG Cam Plus costs $69.99 while LG 360 Cam and 360 VR is more expensive than the Cam Plus with the price tag of $199.99.

Also, LG will not sell its HI-FI module produced by Bang & Olufsen in the United States. ( Why are you doing this LG ? )

LG G5 Friends

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