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Now you can use Google Translate in any app

Google added new features to its Translate app with the new update.

One of the most important feature is the in-app translation. Even though it does not mean that you can translate the whole app into your language, if you see something in other languages in any app, then you will be able to translate that without leaving the app. It is easy to do. The only thing that you need to do is to select the text that you want to translate, then Google Translate will appear on the screen like the “chat heads” in FaceBook Messenger. Currently, it is only available for the Android phones and tablets using minimum Android 4.2. As you don’t see the Messenger chat hands on the iOS, you will also not see this feature on iOS.

Google Translate

However, Google Translate’s iOS application is also updated. Similar to the Translate’s Android App, you can download languages so that you can translate texts without an internet connection. But do not forget that first you need to download the languages.

Last change is the feature to translate simple Chinese texts to English using Word Lens.

Google Translate

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