Battlefield 1

DICE introduced BattleField 1

Do you remember the yesterday’s leak about the BattleField 1? Well, it was true. DICE just announced the BattleField 1.

Battlefield 1

Unlike the new Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare ( which takes place in the future ), BattleFiled 1 is based on World War 1. That means you will use old guns and blades. Furthermore, in the BattleField 1, there will be tanks, planes, and ships from WW1.

Battlefield 1

There are three packages for the game. Standard edition ( $59.99 ), deluxe Edition (  $79.99 ) and collectors edition ( $219.99 ). The game will be available on October 21, although Xbox One gamers will be given early access to the game on October 18.

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