Evernote and Google Drive integration comes with the new update

Evernote is integrated with Google Drive making it easier to post any of your documents from your Google Drive account to Evernote.


After signing up to your Google Drive account within the Evernote, you will be able to post any of your documents in your Drive account to the note in Evernote.

 All the files you keep in Drive are now easier to access in Evernote. Now, instead of seeing only URL links, anyone can browse anything created or stored in Google Drive right in Evernote notebooks. With this integration, Evernote customers can add any file in Drive to their notes without leaving Evernote. And any changes to files in Google Drive will dynamically update in Evernote

This feature is only available in Chrome and Evernote’s official app on Android. However, it will be sent to other platforms soon.

Source – Evernote


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