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Everything Google announced in I/O 2016

Google I/O 2016

Everything Google announced in I/O 2016

Google is holding its I/O 2016 event this week and here are the all products that were introduced in the event.

Google Assistant

Google just launched “Google Assitant” which will try to beat Siri and Alexa.

You can say that it is the next version of Google Now. Yes, it is but better. Still, you open it by saying “Okay, Google”, but now it will understand you better. Also, now it does not sound robotic.

Google Assistant

The other change is the way that you communicate with it. For example, you can ask “Google” to show you the latest movies to watch. However, if you add that you would also bring your kids, Google Assistant will show the kid movies. From that screen, you can even buy a ticket or ask for its review. As you can see, now it is more than just asking simple questions. Now, it is a real assistant.

Google Home

Google just announced Google Assistant which is a really complicated real time assistant that helps you.  Even though you can access to Google assistant from your Android Devices, Google just introduced a physical device named “Google Home”.

It is Google’s answer to Alexa. It is a small white device. You can easily change the design of its base using different ones. When you snap up the main part of the Google Home, you can pull out the base and put another base with a different color and design.

It also supports third-party apps similarly to Alexa which means you can control your home using Google Home.

Google Allo

After introducing Google Assistant, Google Home, they just showed Google Allo, a smart messaging app.

Well, it looks like a normal messaging app but it has some tricks. For example, you can change the size of the message. When you write something, you can hold the sent button. If you swipe it down, the message will be smaller while if you swipe it up, the message will be bigger.

The best feature is the smart reply. For example, if your friend asks, “do you want to go to the dinner?”, it will give you few options such as “Yes” or “no”. The smart reply also works with pictures. For instance, if your friend sends you a dog picture, the app will give options like “Nice Dog”.

Google Assistant

You can also use Google Assistant within the app. You can find a restaurant and even make a reservation within the app.

Google Allo

Emoji game

There is even a emoji game in the app powered by Google Assistant. In this game, Google will show emojis, and you will need to name the movie.

Google Allo

Incognito Mode

There is an incognito mode in Allo app where the messages are encrypted and the messages will be only showed up on your device.

Google Allo

Google DUO

As a part of Google I/O, Google introduced a video messaging app named DUO.

Google DUO

Like the Ello, it is also one-to-one encrypted. The interesting feature of the app is the live stream of the function. It is a feature that shows the caller in a live stream. In other words, if your friend calls you, you will see him or her before answering the call. This feature is called as “Knock. Knock”.

Google Duo will be available in this summer on Android and iOS along with Allo.

Android N

Google announced the developer version of Android N few weeks ago, but that was for developers to develop an app.

First of all, it does not have a name so Google asks users to find a name. Just go ahead to Google’s Android N page, and give it a name.


Android N comes with Vulkan and new Runtime. While Vulkan is aimed to improve the graphic speed performance, the new Android Runtime fastens the overall speed.


Android N comes with a variety of new security features. First, it has a file-based encryption.  Second, the seamless update allows you to keep your phone running the latest version of Android. When there is a new update, the update file will be downloaded automatically, and when you reboot your device, the update will be completed.

New Features

  • Android N comes with “clear all” button in the multitasking menu.Android N
  • You can switch between different apps by double pressing on the multitasking button
  • You can directly reply to the notifications within the notification panel.
  • When you long click on the notification, you can change its settings.
  • Android N is the first operating system to support Unicode 9 emojis.


Now, Android N is in the beta version which means you can even download it to your main device. If you a have supported Nexus device, you can go ahead and try Android.

Google DayDream

VR is coming to Android so Google announced a new service called “DayDream” which will come this fall.

VR Ready Phones

First of all, you will see “DayDream Ready” phones in the future which are the phones that are capable of creating a great VR experience. This means high-end powerful phones with a lot of sensors.

VR Controller

In order to give you the best experience, Google announced a new controller. The remote controller is small as well as simple. It only has one button, but the magic lies in its motion sensor.

Android Daydream

VR Mode

With the Android N, there is a specific UI for VR headsets. It is like the metro screen of Windows. Also, like theSamsungg Gear VR, Daydream will allow you to download games and apps within the VR Mode.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 21.19.19

Android Studio

As Google I/O is Google’s developer event, we have also seen developer tools besides of the normal apps and services.

During the event, Android Studio 2.2 has been introduced coming with new features.

Layout Designer

It is the feature that is in the spotlight with this update. Layout designer helps you to produce more effective layouts ( which is the main part of the Google’s Material Design ) while being faster.

Test Recorder

Included with the Layout Designer, new Test recorder makes it easier for the developers to record the screen while using their app. After each action, Test Recorder creates Espresso Code which can be run on different platforms.

New Developments Methods

As developers wanted to use something other than Gradle, Google added the support for CMake & NDK Build to Android Studio 2.2. Also, they made improvements over C++ support.

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