Google Spaces

Google merges Chrome, Search and YouTube into one app

Google just introduced Spaces. An app that is aimed to make group sharing easier, but how it is going to do.

First of all, it is not a group chat, but instead, it is like a social network where users can share links within differents topics. For example, I created a “space” named BrightTitan and it will be the place where the people in BrightTitan will be able to share links or videos related to that. Of course, there is no limitation over what you can share, but if you share cat videos in a space that is dedicated for cars, then it will be pointless to use Spaces app.

Anyway, the interesting part of the app is the ability to search on Google within the app. Right now, this feature is only available on Android and iOS app of the Spaces which means you will have to manually search for the thing that you are looking for and then paste its link to Spaces. However, if you are using its app, then you can access to Google Search and youtube. It is like the Chrome or Youtube app which means you can actually watch videos or surf on the interent, but when you see something that is worth mentioning, all you need to do is to click on the big blue share button at the bottom of the screen.

Google Spaces

Google Spaces

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