Moto X used to be a good looking phone

Last time, we only saw upcoming Moto X’s leaked photos, but this time,there are high res renders of 4th generation Moto X.

As it can be seen in the renders, Moto X will have the basic Moto design language ( although it does not have the small Motorola logo on the front ). However, unlike the previous generation Moto X phones, the phone will have a physical home button for the fingerprint sensor. It is a square and small button, and I cannot say I loved the home button. Anyway, the other change is the camera’s shape. Now, it is round. In the matter of 4th generation Moto X’s camera, it will have a dual tone flash on the back, and one flash on the front. The interesting thing is the connector on the back which is believed to be put there for charging.

Moto X


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