Nokia N1

Nokia is coming back with new Android devices

As smartphones started to replace our old phones ( dumb, in other words ), big companies fell down including BlackBerry and Nokia. However, they still chose to do phones, but either with their own OS or with Windows OS. However, they did not use the Android when they needed to do. After years of failure, they understood that best way for them is to use Android. Blackberry is now using Android on its phones while Nokia was working on Android devices. However, we will see Nokia devices running Android in future.

Microsoft just sold Nokia to HMD Global, a newly create company, and to FIH Mobile. As a result, HMD Global gained the license to produce and sells devices with a Nokia name. In this case, HMD Global is partnered with FIH Mobile, Foxconn’s subsidiary company. This means we will see Android device with Nokia Logo on them produced by FIH Mobile under the leadership of HMD Global.

These Android devices would be phones and tablets. Right now, there is no clear information about whether these devices are going to be high-end or mid-range. However, Nokia N1 will be produced after this agreement.

Nokia N1

Source – ArsTechnica


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