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Please do not force an AI to read 3000 romance books

Google’s is working on a new project, or let’s say they are just playing with an artificial intelligence.

Anyway, they wondered what if an AI reads thousands of romance books, so they basically forced it to do. After reading 3000 romance books, Google’s AI came with a poem showing AI shouldn’t read books. I think an AI should not learn from us ( do you remember the Microsoft Tai Ai ).

Here is the poem that was written by AI after reading some books.

he said.
“no,” he said.
“no,” i said.
“i know,” she said.
“thank you,” she said.
“come with me,” she said.
“talk to me,” she said.
“don’t worry about it,” she said.

it made me want to cry.
no one had seen him since.
it made me feel uneasy.
no one had seen him.
the thought made me smile.
the pain was unbearable.
the crowd was silent.
the man called out.
the old man said.
the man asked.

he was silent for a long moment.
he was silent for a moment.
it was quiet for a moment.
it was dark and cold.
there was a pause.
it was my turn.

there is no one else in the world.
there is no one else in sight.
they were the only ones who mattered.
they were the only ones left.
he had to be with me.
she had to be with him.
i had to do this.
i wanted to kill him.
i started to cry.
i turned to him.
Isn’t the poem depressive and creapy. I think it is just another project that resulted in the fact that AIs are fine with themselves so we shouldn’t teach them anything.
Via – TheNextWeb
Source – Quartz
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