HTC Nexus 9

RIP: HTC Nexus 9 ( 2014 – 2016 )

After removing Nexus TV from its store, not only Google removed HTC Nexus 9 from its store but HTC even stopped producing Nexus 9.

Even though it was an interesting tablet, it failed to attract attentions unlike the Nexus 7. It has been only 2 years ( It was introduced back in November 2014 ), but now it is dead.


HTC Nexus 9

2014 – 2016

You will not be missed, Sorry.

This is for HTC who had high expectations from Nexus 9. ( By the way, the picture below is not created with Microsoft Paint because I do not even have the paint as I am a mac user. )

HTC Nexus 9

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