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Still, Samsung didn’t understand the fundamentals of VR controllers

Samsung has a great VR headset. I love it, but it sucks when it comes to the controller. I mean you can use any gamepads with Gear VR, but it is a little bit hard to find the each button on the gamepad while wearing a headset that isolates you from the outer world. However, latest leak suggests that Samsung is working on a new controller for Gear VR, but still they did not understand the fundamentals of a VR controller.

First of all, it is not as big as the normal gamepads, but it has the basic gamepad layout: four action buttons and one analog stick. Well, it is great if you are just sitting ( also if you remember the button layout ). However, let’s be honest, nearly all VR products requires you to be standing up. I mean you can sit, but when you need to look back, it is just hard to do that while sitting. I wish Samsung could make a VR controller like the Google which would allow users to interact with the UI / Game using motion sensors; not using buttons.

By the way, for some stupid reason, that small controller is heavy. It weights around 300g while DualShock controller weight 210 g and Xbox One Controller weight 233 g without the batteries.


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