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Uncharted 4 – Review

Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 – Review

The roots of Uncharted goes to 2007, so we cannot say that it is an old game, but it has a special place in our hearts. I mean it has great characters, good graphics, and fluid gameplay. Some of you can say that Uncharted series is overrated, but it is not. Let’s compare Uncharted with Lara Croft. First of all, Uncharted is all about story and characters. That is what makes Uncharted special. Lara Croft, on the other hand, has no real character relationships. Lara Croft is so serious and sometimes, this seriousness makes the game boring. That is why Uncharted is not overrated because you simply do not play the game to climb and jump, but also to see Drake flirting with Elena or hanging out with Victor Sullivan. That is also why, as a gamer who finished Uncharted 1,2 and 3, I ( as well as other Uncharted gamers ) was waiting Uncharted 4 for a long time , and here it is.

Uncharted 4 starts before the Uncharted 1 and continues after the Uncharted 3, so it is highly recommended for you to play other Uncharted games.


So let’s start with the characters. As you expect, Nathan Drake is in the spotlight because he is the main character, but there is a surprise in Uncharted 4. Nathan Drake is not the only character that you play in the game. In the game, you are also given a chance to play as Elena and Sam Drake.

You might not know the characters, so let me introduce them. First, Nathan Drake is our superhero. He is handsome and cool. He has real skills to climb, run on falling trains, and shot people while jumping. Then, there is Victor Sullivan. He is like a father figure for Drake. He does not go jumping with drake, but he is the one who usually helps Drake to escape. He always smokes his Cuban cigars and looks classy. Come on, who could forget his cigars and him trying to flirt with  girls. Anyway, let’s do not forget Elena Fisher. She is a journalist, and she is the wife of Drake ( that was something that we were waiting for three games ). She is cute, but badass at the same time. In Uncharted 4, you can play her in some scenes. Then, you will understand how badass is she. Finally, there is Sam Drake. You might understand that he is a sibling of Nathan Drake because he shares the same surname. Yes, you are right. He is Nathan’s old brother. He is like Nathan or let me fix it. Nathan is like Sam. Anyway, he is one of the people who always got into a trouble. The thing that we are trying to steal in Uncharted 4 is because Sam promised to a gang leader that he could steal it ( Just a clue, it is one of the largest treasures ). I will not give any spoilers, so let’s continue to talk about characters, or let’s talk about their relationship.

In Uncharted series, not only characters are remarkable but also their relationships. For example, when they sit on the table planning about their next thief, they always make jokes. They have a great relationship.

As a result, you can even play Uncharted 4 ( and other Uncharted games ) to see the characters.

Score ( Characters ) – 10

Pros – Great characters

Cons – Haters gonna hate


Uncharted means action. From the first game, there were always badass scenes. Who could forget the train scene in Uncharted 2 or plane crash in Uncharted 3? Even tough you are not crashing hard with a plane or train in Uncharted 4, there are great action scenes.

For example, you will try to escape from a falling cave while enemies are trying to shot you with machine guns & snipers or you will drive your 4×4 and then you will jump to a truck.

To sum up, there are great badass action scenes. In your face, Lara Croft.

Score ( Action ) – 10

Pros – Well, there is nothing to say about actions scenes in Uncharted 4.

Cons – Nope. No cons in here.


Gameplay is an important part of the Uncharted 4. This is also one of the elements that increases the fun that you can take from the game. It is fluid which means action continues without ending. For example, sometimes you shoot bad guys then jump into the air, hold the rope ( while the platform is falling ), jump to other side, and land on the bad guy while an army is shooting at you with incredibly powerful guns. Still, sometimes you can stop and enjoy the view, but usually you are in the middle of the action. While you are running, jumping or sliding, always somebody is shooting at you. This is Uncharted.

Uncharted 4

Score ( Gameplay ) – 10

Pros – It is fluid

Cons – Again, haters gonna hate



( This is taken from WikiPedia )

The game begins in medias res with treasure hunter brothers Nathan “Nate” (Nolan North) and Samuel “Sam” Drake (Troy Baker) driving toward an island in a storm while fighting off armed thugs in boats before their boat is scuttled. Years before, when Nate (Britain Dalton) is living in the St. Francis orphanage, he is visited by Sam (Chase Austin), who was kicked out for criminal activities. After helping him sneak out, Sam tells Nate that he is leaving for a job that will keep him away for a few years, before cheering him up by telling him that he knows where their late mother’s effects were sold.

Years later (before the events of the first game), the two are on the trail of infamous pirate Henry Avery, who enacted the largest heist in history in the 1600s, with plunder worth 400 million dollars taken from the MughalGanj-i-Sawai (anglicized the Gunsway). Teaming up with wealthy treasure hunter Rafe Adler (Warren Kole), the brothers sneak into a Panama jail where Avery’s first mate, Burnes, was hanged. Aided by corrupt guard Vargas (Hemky Madera), Nate sneaks into Burnes’ tower cell, where he finds a cross with the inscription digna factis recipimus (latin: we receive the due reward of our deeds) (Luke 23:41), that points to the treasure being in the St. Dismas cathedral in Scotland. When the three try to leave, Vargas, who has discovered what they are after, tries to blackmail them into giving him a cut. Rafe responds by stabbing him to death, forcing them to flee. Sam is presumably shot dead in the attempt, leaving Nate so distraught that he gives up the search while Rafe continues without him.

Fifteen years later (three years after the third game) Nate has retired from treasure hunting and now works for a salvage company while attempting to enjoy a peaceful life with his wife Elena (Emily Rose), though he misses the life of adventure. One night, he is visited at the office by Sam, who explains that he was saved by doctors and sentenced to life imprisonment for Vargas’ death. However, he was broken out by his cellmate, drug lord Hector Alcazar (Robin Atkin Downes), who, upon learning that Sam does not know where the treasure is contrary to previous statements, gave him three months to find it or suffer his wrath. Though reluctant at first, Nate eventually agrees to help Sam while telling Elena that he’s taken a salvage job in Malaysia.

After learning of a cross similar to the one in Panama being sold at auction at the Rossi estate in Italy, the two team up with Nate’s mentor Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Richard McGonagle) and sneak into the auction to steal it. Also at the auction is Rafe, who has subsequently hired the services of Nadine Ross (Laura Bailey) and her PMC, Shoreline. After several close calls, they manage to steal the cross, inside which is a map telling them that the treasure is in not the St. Dismas cathedral but the graveyard near it.

Arriving in Scotland and sneaking past Shoreline soldiers, Nate and Sam find a secret passage under one of the tombs and within it, a room with a scale: on one side is another cross and on another is a group of copper coins. Seeing through the trick, Nate makes Sam take one of the coins, which activates a holographic map pointing to King’s Bay in Madagascar. They are cornered by Nadine, who Sam tricks into springing the scale’s trap allowing the two to escape. During this time, Nate begins to suspect that Avery was recruiting other pirates for something.

Following a clue in the form of an engraving of a volcano on the coin, the three head to a dormant volcano in King’s Bay. Inside, they learn that Avery, Thomas Tew, and ten other pirates pooled their treasures together into one massive hoard. The next clue to the hoard’s location is in one of twelve towers in King’s Bay. Though Shoreline searches them all, another marking on the other side of the coin narrows it to two. While Sam goes to one, Nate and Sully go to the other, which turns out to be the right one. After circumnavigating the various tests, Nate realizes where they’re headed. Before he can tell Sam, he is contacted by Rafe, who reveals that he has been tracking them using the GPS in their phones and tries to get him to give up the chase. Nate refuses and, after disposing of the phone, rescues Sam from Rafe’s men. Back at the hotel, Nate and Sam explain to Sully that the clues point to Libertalia, a remote pirate colony of which Avery and the other captains seem to be the Founders. Before they can set out, Nate is confronted by Elena, who realised his lie and is not happy. Further angered when she learns about the brother Nate never mentioned, she leaves, and when Nate refuses to give up the quest to go after her, Sully goes instead.

Now alone, Nate and Sam set out for Libertalia, following more clues on several remote islands that eventually point to the right one. Returning to where the story began, Nate washes up on the shore of the island and, after several fights with Shoreline, finds Sam. Together, they make it to Libertalia, where they find evidence of a civil war between the Founders and the colonists after the Founders kept all the gold for themselves. In the Treasury building, they learn that, to protect the gold, the Founders moved it to the town of New Devon on the other side of island. On the way, they are cornered near a cliff by Rafe, who reveals that he was the one who released Sam from jail; Hector Alcazar died six months before. As Nate reels from the deception, Rafe deems him no longer needed and tries to shoot him. Sam takes the bullet, but Nate is still knocked off the cliff.

Nate is found alive by Elena, who changed her mind and found him with help from Sully. Nate then tells her the truth about himself: when he and Sam tried to steal their mother’s possessions, they were caught by the old woman who lived there. Upon learning who they were, she revealed that their mother, Cassandra Morgan, was a historian specializing in Francis Drake who worked for her. After the woman suddenly died, the two fled with their mother’s journal and honored her theory about Drake’s descendants by changing their names from Nathan and Samuel Morgan, to Nathan and Samuel Drake. They stayed together from then until Sam’s supposed death.

Understanding now that his past was too painful for him to discuss, Elena agrees to help Nate save Sam, as he no longer cares about the treasure. On the way to New Devon, they discuss Rafe and Nadine’s motivations: he wants to build his own reputation, while she wants to repair that of her family and company. In Tew’s house in New Devon, they learn that he and Avery poisoned the other Founders and tried to leave with the treasure. Arriving at Avery’s house, they enter its catacombs and, avoiding numerous traps, arrive at a ship graveyard, where they save Sam from Shoreline and Sully saves Nate. Though Nate seems to convince Sam to give up, he changes his mind after they’re separated.

The three try to follow him, but Elena and Sully are soon unable to continue, forcing Nate to go alone. He eventually arrives at the cavern containing Avery’s ship and the treasure, where he sees Rafe force Nadine (who is satisfied with the smaller caches dotted around Libertalia and wary of Avery’s traps) to assist him in securing the ship. Soon after, a triggered trap causes an explosion on the ship, which Nate runs onto to find the treasure and Sam trapped under a beam. Though Rafe has Nadine disarm Nate, she then turns on him. Pointing out the corpses of Avery and Tew, who killed each other over the treasure, she leaves the three of them behind while she flees. Fed up with the Drakes, Rafe engages Nate in a duel using Avery and Tew’s swords, which ends with Nate dropping a net full of gold on top of him, crushing Rafe to death. Nate creates another explosion that floods the room, allowing him to free Sam, and they return to their friends and leave in Sully’s plane.

Nate and Elena return home while Sam and Sully decide to partner up. Back home, Nate’s boss announces that he’s selling the company, and Nate is the new owner. Elena explains that Sam gave her what little gold he got from Libertalia and she plans to revive her old show, acknowledging that a life of adventure is the only life for them. Their first job: the one in Malaysia he lied to her about.

Years later, Nate and Elena are living on an island with their daughter Cassie (Kaitlyn Dever). When Cassie discovers objects from her parents’ adventures, Nate begins to tell her their story.

Score ( Story ) – 10

Pros – Well, at least, there is a reason for Nathan to steal the tressure

Cons – Too many cliches ( but that is not bad )


Honestly, I cannot comment on how the original Uncharted 1,2 and 3 looked like on PlayStation 3 because I play the Nathan Drake collection on PlayStation 4. However, Uncharted 4 looks amazing on the PS4.

Let’s start with how characters looks like. They look real. It looks like Sony especially spent some time over the characters because when you look at the characters, you will be amazed by the graphics.

Uncharted 4 Face Model

However, the beautiful part is the landscape. When you climb to a tower or hill after minutes of hard working, you will be welcomed by a gorgeous landscape ( or city in some cases ).

Uncharted 4 Landscape
As a result, there is nothing much to say about its graphics. If your television has a good panel, you will feel like that you are actually seeing the nature and seeing those amazing antique buildings in real life.

Score ( Graphics ) – 10

Pros – It is the game that proves pS4 is powerful.

Cons – 4K would be really good for this game but that is the not game’s problem.


I cannot say that Uncharted series are realistic because you will not be lucky in the real life, but it has decent physics. Still, there are scenes which could not be done in real life, but we are talking about Uncharted, about a game which is about amazing actions scenes…which are not very realistic by the way.

In other words, if you have an obsession about physics, then Uncharted ( and many other games ) are not for you, but if you are a normal individual, there will not be a problem with it.

Uncharted 4

In physics, I also want to talk about the driving physics because you will drive a car in Madagascar. That scene is amazing. The physics of a car is very realistic. I mean it is like driving a car in DriveClub. By the way, that is the scene that I did it for multiple times because everybody ( including me ) loves driving in mud and even drifting. Right?

Score ( Physics ) – 9

Pros – Well, there are decent physics.

Cons – Amm, you should not wait to see realistic physics while hanging out from a truck


It is the last Uncharted game, so it is special for me, and I believe the same thing also applies to many of you unless if you are not a PlayStation gamer or have never played Uncharted.

It has  great characters ( also remarkable ), an amazing story ( full of cliches which, by the way, does not make the game bad ), badass action scenes and decent physics.

I strongly recommend you to play Uncharted 4. However, there is a fifteen-year gap between the beginning of the game and all parts after the beginning. Uncharted 1, 2 and 3 takes place in these fifteen years. As a result, I would recommend you to play other Uncharted games ( which are also available on PS4 in a single game ) before playing Uncharted 4. Otherwise, you will not understand the relationship of the characters and references to the old games.

RIP Uncharted

2007 -2016

You Will Be Missed

Pros – Characters. Story. GamePlay

Cons – It is the last game


Characters – 10

Action – 10

Gameplay – 10

Story – 10

Graphics – 10

Physics – 9

Overall –  9.5

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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