Yep, Moto Z ( not X ) is coming with a modular design

The new leaked picture published by Evan Blass confirms the “modular” design of upcoming Moto Z. By the way, it was normally Moto X, but the latest rumors say that Moto will call it Moto Z.

First of all, it is not completely a modular phone because you cannot literally take out any part of the phone except the sim card holder ( which is, by the way, normal ). However, you will be able to stick accessories to the back of the phone via connectors.

These accessories will be called as “MotoMods”. Now, we only know about three of them. As you can see in the picture below, these mods only cover the back. While the purpose of first two MotoMods is not clear, the third one is interesting. It actually adds a function for manual zoom to the phone and more powerful flashes.

Moto Z is coming on June 9.


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