Tesla Model S

Apparently, “Model S floats well enough”

You can do ridiculous things with Telsa cars. For example, you can outrun an Alfa Romeo 4C in your Model X while towing another 4C and it looks like you can easily go through a flooded tunnel with your Model S.

Tesla Model S

A video shows Tesla Model S passing through a tunnel in Almaty, Kazakhstan where there is a meter high water. As you might expect, all cars expect Tesla are stuck there because of the fact that the regular cars ( non-electric cars ) have exhaust pipe while Tesla cars don’t which allows them to work  even in conditions like this. Furthermore, as there is a chance for the battery to be damaged by external forces, the battery is sealed which is another explanation for Model S’ this capability.

However, it is not recommended for you to try this at home. ( well, at least if you want nothing to happen to your Tesla ).

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