Brace Yourselves! A robot just escaped (but its battery died…)

Artifical Inteligences ( so robots ) are becoming smarter each day and people like Elon Musk thinks that they will capture the Earth… and a robot in Russia just escaped from its facility.

Promot is a robot that is designed to communicate with humans; “help” them with directions and other things ( its purpose is not to remove the mankind from the Earth…not yet ). However, this genius security guard forgot to lock the doors so Promot left ( or escaped … who knows ) from the facility. The robot rushed to the street ( or rushed b…any counter strike players? ) and while it was trying to cross the street, it ran out of battery … in the middle of the street.

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Even if it escaped with its own desire, still this situation proves that unless you connect the robots to wall plugs, they will not able to do the things like the robots in Terminator.


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