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BrightTitan Cast 15: Galaxy S7 Active and leaks

Moto Style Mods

BrightTitan Cast 15: Galaxy S7 Active and leaks

Samsung introduced Galaxy S7 Active

Samsung just introduced Galaxy S7 Active exclusive for AT&T.

Galaxy S7 Active

As a member of the S7 family, S7 Active uses the latest SnapDragon 820 but this time, there is no Exynos option. It has a 5.1-inch QHD Display which is shatter proof. Furthermore, the phone has 4GB of RAM and 32GB of main storage.

Thanks to phone’s edgy shape, it comes with a huge 4000 mAh battery.

 “Style Mods” for upcoming Moto Z have leaked

We know that upcoming Moto Z will support a different type of accessories called “Moto Mods”. After seeing some of the Moto Mods, this time, new accessories called “Style Mods” have leaked.

“Style Mods” are back covers that allow you to customize your Moto Z. However, unlike the regular cases, these style mods are attached to your phone via the smart connectors on the back of the Moto Z and maybe with some magnets.


Galaxy Tab S3 is coming

Unlike the past years, nobody is actually caring for tablets expect Apple who is introducing a tablet each year. However, it looks like Samsung will introduce the new version of Tab S series.

Galaxy Tab S3

As you can see from the leaked picture, Tab S3 look very similar to the Tab S2 which means that it has the same cheap design with the previous model, Tab S2. I wish that Samsung could make the tablet version of S7. I mean a metal and glass tablet with Exynos 8890 or SnapDragon 820 will be nice; not a plastic one with SD 652. Anyway, unlike the Tab S2, Galaxy Tab S3 does not have the wholes on the back for accessories.

Along side with the picture, its specs are also leaked. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will have two screen sizes: 8 and 9.7-inch although both of them will come with the same screen resolution which is  2048 x 1536. However, while 8-inch model is coming with a 4000 mAh battery, it is expected for the bigger one to pack a bigger battery. Anyway, unfortunately, Tab S3 is not a flagship tablet as it comes with SnapDragon 652 and 3GB of RAM.

WWDC is almost here

We are in June which means Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference ( WWDC ) is almost here and this is what we expect to see and not to see in Apple WWDC.

No Hardware

Most of the people were expecting to see a new thunderbolt display and the new MacBook Pro. However, there will be no hardware in the WWDC. The conference will all about software.


According to the reliable sources, Apple will change the name of the OS X which means your Mac will run MacOS in the future. However, name change is not the only thing that we expect to see on the Macs.


Other new features of the OS X 10.12 ( or should I say MacOS ) will be Siri. Yes, Siri is ( finally ) coming to Macs. You will be able to open Siri either from the menu bar or from its icon on the dock. However, it is not clear whether Siri on the Mac will support the “Hey Siri” feature or not.

TouchID is an important part of the iPhones and iPads and it is coming to the Macs starting with the 2016 MacBook Pro. That is why in WWDC, Apple would start to support TouchID on OS X.

Furthermore, of course, Apple will make OS X more stable and fast as well as more secure.

Apple Music

Apple will also talk about the Apple Music in WWDC. Most important change that they will do on the Apple Music is the UI. Apple Music will get a black and white ( which is, by the way, what Instagram did with the latest update ) more simple UI not only on the iOS but also on the MacOS.

iOS 10

As you would expect, Apple will announce the tenth version of iOS in this conference.

Like the Apple Music, there will be some changes on the design of iOS. If the rumors are true, then we will see more colorful design as well as a new notification panel with iOS. However, the feature that will make most of the people happy is the ability to hide stock Apple apps. Even though we do not know how it will work, still there is a high change for Apple to introduce this feature.

iPhone se

Also, it is expected for iMessage to be updated with the ability to transfer money.


You can think that MacOS and iOS 10 will be in the spotlight of WWDC 2016, but Siri will be. As artificial intelligences start to become more popular ( as well as smarter ) each day, companies try to make an AI. Even though Apple already has Siri, it is not as smart ( and as natural ) as Google Assistant which was introduced in Google I/O. Besides of making Siri better, Apple will also introduce a hardware product ( like Google Home or Amazon Alexa ) which would run Siri.

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Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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