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Facebook Messenger now has a new menu called “Home”

Even though Facebook Messenger is not still at the point where it can compete with Whatsapp in terms of number of total users as well as the number of total messages that are sent, still it is Facebook’s one of the most popular services and Facebook tries to make it something more than a regular messaging platform.

In the past, we have seen FaceBook Messenger apps and other features that made the Messenger more useful, but this update changes the main screen where you would normally see all of your messages. With this update, still you will see your messages in the first menu but now that menu is called as “Home” and there are new cards in “Home”. For example, there is a card called “Birthdays” which shows whose birthday is it today and if you tap on the person’s name, Messenger will automatically send a message saying “Happy Birthday”. Other significant card that is worth mentioning is the “Who is online card” which , as you can understand from its name, shows your online friends.

Facebook Messenger

Even though this update is started to be rolled, it will take days and even weeks in some cases for this update to reach every single Messenger user.


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