Facebook Social Buttons

Facebook just redesigned its Like, Share, Follow and Save buttons

Facebook is a widely used social network that does not use one of the best web designs at all. However, they just redesigned their Like, Share, Follow and save buttons.

Facebook Social Buttons

Let’s start with the Like button which is the most popular one among Facebook’s social buttons. Facebook got rid of the “f” letter on the like button and now it only shows thumbs up icon with the text “like”. The other difference is that number of likes are moved inside the button.

Facebook Social Buttons

However, the FaceBook logo remains there even with the new Share and Follow buttons.

The good news is that if you already use one or multiple of Facebook Social Buttons on your website, then you will not need to do anything as they will be updated automatically.

Facebook Mobile

Also, the new redesigned buttons will be coming to FaceBook Instant Articles soon.

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