Google 2-Step Verification

This is the future of 2-step verification

It is really important to protect your online accounts and even if you have a strong password, there is a chance for your password to be stolen. That is why 2-step verification is important. However, it was painful to see the code on your phone and write the code on your computer each time but Google already has a solution for that.

Normally, you had three options in Google 2-Step Verification; Google Authenticator App, Voice / Text Message or Backup codes. However, Google just added a new option called “Google Prompt”.

This is basically a 2-Step verification which works without a code. When you are trying to login to a website, then you will get a notification on your phone. Notification will ask you if you want to login or not. If you click on “yes”, then you will automatically login to the website on your computer.

Google 2-Step Verification

Source – Google Blog

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