Xbox One S

Microsoft introduced Xbox One S

Microsoft and Sony introduced their consoles when 4K was rising. However, neither of them were able to handle 4K games. We can also say the same thing for VR. As a result, it was needed for Sony and Microsoft to introduce a more powerful console and here is the new Xbox One.


Xbox One S


The new console is called as Xbox One S. Although it is the slim version of the regular Xbox, the size change is not the only differences because it is also more powerful as it is able to handle 4K movies. However, still you cannot play 4K games on it. Anyway, the point that is worth mentioning is that it is 40 percent smaller and it comes with integrated power supply.

Other new features are featured IR Blaster, HDR support, up to 2TB storage and the new controller with textured grip and increased range.

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