Netflix New Logo

Netflix has a new logo for mobile

Here is a surprise for you. Netflix just changed its logo … but not completely. This means that they have a new logo but they will use their new logo only in some areas.

Netflix New Logo

Before talking about where they will use it, let’s look at the new logo. Unlike the old one ( but still it is the current, though. Anyway we will talk about that in the next paragraph ), it does not say “NETFLIX” but instead, it is just the letter “N but the curve at the bottom reminds the old one. Even though the color of the letter is very similar to the previous logo, the background is black while the previous one was white.


Netfilx New Logo


However, as I said at the beginning, it does not mean they completely changed their design. Still, you will see the old logo on However, the new logo will be used on mobile and social media.

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