Amazon Kindle

New Kindle is thinner, lighter and cheaper

This year, we have already seen a new Amazon Kindle named Oasis but it was a high-end device ( which cost a lot for an e-reader ) but today Amazon introduced a cheaper Kindle.


Amazon Kindle


The new one is called as “Amazon Kindle” so nothing special in its name. However, it only costs $79.99 ( of course, with ads ) but its price is not the only attractive point. It is 16% lighter and 11% thinner than the previous Kindle. Also, there are new features such as Bluetooth Audio ( that allows you to use VoiceView Screen Reader ) and increased storage ( now, 4GB ) but still the screen remains same ( 6-inch  E Ink with PPI rate of 167 ).

You can already preorder the latest Kindle which will be released on July 7.

Source – Amazon


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