Twitch Cheer

Now Twitch allows you to “cheer” your favorite broadcaster

Twitch, a popular game streaming service, announced a new feature that allows viewers to “cheer” broadcasters with animated emotes called “Bits”.

Twitch Cheer

You can say that “Bits” are the currency of Twitch. After buying some bits ( 100 of them are priced at $1.40 ), you can send tips ( sorry, bits ) to your favorite broadcaster by writing “cheer” followed by any number. For example, if you want to send 100 of them, you need to write “cheer100”.
Twitch Bits Emotes


Right now, it is in beta which means you cannot send bits to every single channel but to only 60 partner channels. Also, what is worth mentioning is that Twitch is also earning money from each cheer as the revenue is shared between the broadcaster and of course, Twitch itself.

Twitch Cheer Chat Badges

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