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Sony Xperia X Performance – Review

Sony Xperia X Performance

Sony Xperia X Performance – Review

“An overpriced mid-range phone that is entitled as a flagship phone”

This year, Sony surprised all of us. They didn’t announce the Xperia z6 at the beginning of the year. Instead, they announced a new series called “Xperia X” which replaces the famous Z series.

Sony Xperia X Performance ( which is the phone that we are talking about ) is the flagship of Sony that supposed to compete with Samsung Galaxy S7 and other flagship phones.


Even though Sony Xperia X Performance belongs to a new family, it uses the basic design that we have seen on Sony Xperia Z5 and even on the Z3 Plus.

Even though it looks simple, the design fails to attract so much attention. When you look at this phone, it doesn’t feel like a flagship phone at all. In a world in which even mid-range phones have metal bodies, I wish that Sony Xperia X Performance could step up like Samsung’s latest metal and glass body.

Sony Xperia X Performance

Score ( Design ) – 7 out of 10

Pros – Good built quality, though.

Cons – In 2016, making a metal phone is not something special. I wish Sony could step up with X Performance in terms of design.


Before even writing anything about the screen, I would like to ask a question to Sony. Why the hell an overpriced flagship phone comes with Full HD display. If we are talking about $400 mid-range phone, then this screen is okay. However, X Performance is not a $400 mid-range phone so it is not acceptable for X Performance to come with Full HD display.

Okay, the screen will not be a huge problem if you buy this phone, but again, it makes you feel like the screen could be better.

Score ( Screen ) – 6 out of 10

Pros – It is a good screen for $400 mid-range phone

Cons – Xperia X Performance is not a $400 mid-range phone.


Xperia X Performance has a great performance and there are actually some points that I like about its performance but still I have bad news for you.

To start with, let’s ignore the specs. In real life, Sony Xperia X Performance works well. It can handle everything. I mean anything including newest games and the phone is very smooth after all. This is because the latest SnapDragon 820 which also powers other latest flagship phones. However, my opinion about SD 820 is that it is more powerful that we would ever need on a smartphone. I mean come on, can you notice the speed difference between SnapDragon 820 and 805 while you are on Chrome or on FaceBook. Anyway, in any case, it has the latest most powerful mobile CPU.

However, there is also a bad news for you. For a stupid reason, a phone that costs more than $700 comes with 3GB of RAM while even the mid-range phones have 4GB of RAM. Even though that does not make the phone terrible, it proves the fact that X Performance is an expensive mid-range phone that is entitled as “flagship”

Score ( Performance ) – 9 out of 10

Pros – It is fast and smooth.

Cons – Come on, Sony. Why it comes with 3GB of RAM?


Even though it is thick, it only comes with a battery that is as big as 2700mAh. Honestly, I was waiting to see a great battery life as Xperia X Premium has a Full-HD Display, but unfortunately, it dissapointed me. Don’t get me wrong though. It has a good battery life but not great.

Again, Samsung Galaxy S7 is the winner in battery life.

Score ( Battery ) – 8 out of 10

Pros – It has a normal battery life.

Cons – However, still its battery life cannot compete with S7’s battery life.


Sony Xperia X Performance is a decent phone. Even though it has a great screen and performance, design and camera could be better. I think that Xperia X Performance is overpriced. While testing the device, I always felt that it could be better for this price tag and even in some moments, I felt like I was testing a mid-range phone ( because of the 1080p screen and 3GB of RAM). Again, the thing is that it is a great mid-range phone with SnapDragon 820 but it is not a phone that I would call “flagship” and it is not a phone that deserves its price tag.

As a result, unless you love something specific on Xperia phones, I would recommend you to buy Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge ( or the regular S7 ) or HTC 10.

Pros –  Great performance ( thanks to the SnapDragon 820 )

Cons – Overpriced. .Full HD screen ( Really? ). Decent camera.  For some reason, it comes with a MicroUSB port. 3GB of RAM. Fingerprint sensor does not work in US.


Design – 7

Screen – 6

Performance – 9

Battery – 8

Overall  – 7.5

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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