iPhone se

and still some people think that iPhone SE was a bad idea

When Apple introduced iPhone SE, most of the people criticized Apple for introducing a phone which uses the exact same design with three years old iPhone 5S. However, this is a proof that Apple is doing fine with the SE.

If you were one of the people who tried to buy iPhone SE lately, then you would notice that most of the color and storage options was not available on Apple’s online store. That’s because of the high demands.

iPhone se

But why Apple got a lot of orders for iPhone SE? There are two answers. First answer is the 4-inch display which is still being loved and being seen as the perfect display size by some people. Second answer is its price. It is a phone which has the exact same hardware with the latest iPhone 6S exepct the 3D Touch. However, it is way cheaper than the 6S. Even though still it is expensive for some people, it is the cheapest iPhone and it does not come with a plastic design and crippled hardware like the iPhone 5C.

Anyway, more iPhone SE will be supplied to the Apple Stores over the summer.

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