Nvidia Titan X

Do you need something more powerful than GTX1080? Then, here is the new Titan X

As excepted, Nvidia introduced GP102 based graphic card but the new card is called as Titan X; not GTX1080 TI.

Nvidia Titan X

New Nvidia Titan X ( which does not have  the GTX part in its name ) is placed right above the 1080 as Titan X not only offers the best performance for gamers but also for artifical intelligence.

Compared to GTX1080, Titan X has more CUDA cores ( 3584 vs 2560 ) as well as more TFLOPS ( 11 compared to 9 ). However, Titan X is similar to 1080 in same ways though. For example, it uses the angular design that we have seen on 10 series cards and also the fact that both of them use PASCAL.

Other specifications of the graphic card is the base clock speed of 1417 MHz and boost clock speed of 1531 MHz. Thus, 12GB GDDR5X ( with memory speed of 10Gbps ) and 384-bit wide memory interface with  480 GB/s memory bandwidth are other specs that proves the real power of this monster.

In terms of connectivity, the card comes with DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.0b, and Dual-Link DVI. Also, you would get a support for SLI and the good news is that Titan X’s SLI aspect is not limited to 2 cards. You can pair up to 4 Titan X cards. 

Of course, let’s not use its power needs. Titan X has a TDP of 250W and takes its power from a 1x 8-pin and 1x 6-pin connector.

Nvidia Titan X is more powerful than GTX1080 in many ways and also more expensive. Being only sold in Nvidia’s own website, it costs $1200.


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