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Intel Kaby Lake is the last step before 10nm processors

Intel announced Kaby Lake, 7th generation Intel Core series. It is the revamp of the Sky Lake and “tock” of Intel’s tick-tock strategy. It tries to be like the Skyline but at the same time, it solves the problems of the previous generation. Problems such as poor power managing.

As you would expect though, Kaby Lake supports all of the trending technologies such as 4K or 360 degree videos. The new generation also supports Windows Hello so you can unlock your computer by looking at it.

Even though 7th generation Kaby Lake will allows computer makers to produce thinner laptops, still, huge update is coming in 2017.

Again, being the tock, Kaby Lake is the last step before we see new 10 nm processors ( such as Intel Cannonlake ).

Furthermore, with the same power efficiency, Kaby lake provides better performance compared to 6th generation. Also, Kaby Lake is 10 times faster than the first generation Core series.

Intel Kaby Lake

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