Nexus 6P

Say goodbye to Nexus

Google was making phones since 2010, sort of. They were asking phone makers including Samsung, LG, Motorola and Huawei to make makes under the name, Nexus. This year, there will be Google’s two new phones built by HTC and codenamed as “Marlin” and “Sailfish”. However, they will not carry the Nexus branding.

According to Android Central, Google is making big changes in the device branding. The biggest change  on the next Google phones will be the lack of Nexus logo as well as the logo of the producer ( in this case, HTC ). Instead, there will be “G” icon on the phone.

The other significant change on the upcoming Google phones is the Android. Until now, Google insisted on using the standard version of Android ( known as Vanilla ) on Nexus phones while nearly all other phone makers were using android with additional features. On the upcoming Marlin and Sailfish, there will be a special version of Android but we don’t know what will be the changes. My bet is on the optimization and some new features exclusive for the Google phones.

Nexus 6P


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