Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S now speeds up to 60mph as quick as LaFerrari

Tesla Model S is a fast car. The highest model, P90D, could speed up to 60 mph ( 100 km ) in under 3 seconds ( 2.9 sec ). However, for Tesla, it was not enough.

They announced new 100kWH battery for Model S and X. The new option not only extends their range but make them as quick as super cars.

New Tesla Model S P100D can reach to 60 mph only in 2.5 seconds. In order for you to see how fast it is, I am going to compare it with super cars. LaFerrari can do that in 2.4 seconds. Yes, it is 0.1 second quicker ,but LaFerrari is a super car. Furthermore, if you are not into speeding and just want to travel from one city to another, new p100D can travel for 315 miles compared to the previous model’s 294 miles range.

Tesla Model X, on the other hand, also gets the same battery pack. Even though Model X is not as fast as Model S, still, it reaches to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds.

However, cool things does not come for a cheap price. Tesla Model S P100D will start atĀ $134,500 which is $9,500 more than P90D. Model X with the same configuration costsĀ $135,500.

Also, you can replace your P90D’s battery with the new one. If you just ordered P90D but not received your vehicle yet, then you can pay $10,000 to get the new battery option. However, if you are an owner of P90D, you need to pay $20,000.


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